amadou hott

The Emerging Senegal Plan is moving towards intensifying its implementation in its phase 2 (2019-2023). In this perspective, the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Planning, the linchpin of this economic vision has been split into two separate entities: the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Cooperation on the one hand and the Ministry of Finance and Budget.

The long time symbolized by the economy and the planning overlaps in this short time of the finance for a better coordination between the social emergencies and the longtermist vision of the emergence.

Indeed, this organizational reform dictated further by the imperative of a better allocation of resources, a sensitive point in low-income countries, bodes for a better management of economic issues to integrate Senegal into the circle of countries. inclusive growth and make it a force in the knowledge economy, one of the most important intangible levers to bring about the economic transformation of our country.

Thus the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Cooperation is provided with important means to develop a strategic reflection on a more efficient model of growth. These include the Cabinet and its attached services, the General Secretariat and its attached services, two major directorates: the Directorate-General for Planning and Economic Policy, the Directorate-General for Cooperation and External Financing, built on the remains of the Ministry of Investment Promotion, Partnerships, and the development of teleservices of the State.

This department will also have a directorate of general administration and equipment and a human resources department. And to fully imagine this powerful building, we must add in this ministerial architecture, the National Agency of Statistics and Demography, the joint public-private committee of special economic zones and the national support committee for public-private partnerships (CNAPP).

The time is thus fast-track but also rebalancing between the economy and finance, two major functions, the effectiveness of each of which begins with their intelligent distinction.