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The cabinet is responsible for advising and assisting the Minister in carrying out his duties.

The organization and functioning of the Cabinet are set by order of the Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation.

The Cabinet is placed under the authority of it’s Director appointed by order of the Minister.

  • Internal inspection 

Its mission, under the instruction of the Minister, is to carry out administrative, technical and financial controls in all departments within the Ministry.

The Internal Inspectorate is composed of an Inspector in charge of Administrative and Financial Affairs and one or more Technical Inspector (s).

The said Internal Inspectors are appointed by decree. One of them is designated as Coordinator.

  • Economic Intelligence Unit

Coordinated by a Technical Advisor, the Economic Intelligence Unit has for mission to set up, to impulse or coordinate the collection and treatment of the strategic information useful to the decision-making.

A ce titre, elle est notamment chargée de :

In this capacity, this Unit is responsible for:

  • collecting, analyzing, valuing, disseminating and protecting relevant information with the aim of strengthening the country's economic performance;

  • support to the various structures of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Cooperation as well as to national actors, public or private, outside the Department, in the areas referred to in the previous indent;

  • monitoring Senegal's competitive environment by monitoring, protecting and managing information with the aim of feeding government and business strategies to better position Senegal in the globalized economy;

  • the development of concerted economic development strategies for local territories in connection with competitiveness clusters and consular chambers, notably by identifying local specialties, know-how and local excellence sectors and their development via organized networks of work and exchange of information;

  • the proposal of policies and strategies, the coherence and the development of tools, modes of organization and work within the administration, aiming at increasing the economic performance of Senegal, notably by a better circulation of the information and more frequent interservice collaboration;

  • the development of studies, analyzes, monographs, reports and thematic files on issues related to the above themes;

  • the development of strategies for a good appropriation of the stakes and the techniques of the economic intelligence by the relevant actors.

The Economic Intelligence Unit includes :

  • the Competitiveness, Analysis and Geoeconomic Foresight Office;

  • the Influence Strategies Office;

  • the Economic Security Office.


The Communication Unit’s missions are:

Coordinated by a Technical Advisor, the Communication Unit's mission is to define the internal and external communication policy of the Ministry.

As such, the Unit is responsible for: : 

  • to collect and provide for the communication, information and documentation needs expressed by the Cabinet and the departments of the Ministry;

  • to develop communication between the administrative units of the Ministry;

  • to contribute to the membership and whenever necessary, to the participation of the users in the accomplishment of the missions of the Ministry;

  • to inform the authorities of the opinion of users on the quality of the public service;

  • maintain contact with the media and coordinate the action of services in this area;

  • collect, inventory and make available to users the reports and documents produced or ordered by the Ministère;

  • publish and monitor departmental publications;

  • update the Ministry's website.

The Communication Unit includes : 

  • the Press Office;

  • the Reception and Information Office;

  • the Office of Documentation, Archives and Publications.

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