The General Secretary


The General Secretary, placed under the hierarchical authority of the Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation, assists him in the execution of the Government's policy.

For this purpose, he is responsible for:

  • coordinating the activities of the various services of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Cooperation, which he ensures, under the authority of the Minister, the proper functioning;

  • programming, monitoring and controlling the execution of ministerial decisions;

  • relations and coordination with other ministerial departments for the execution of interministerial decisions;

  • complete information from the Minister on the state of his Department and particularly on the Department's credit management;

  • the centralization, distribution and dispatch of mail and the organization and preservation of the Ministry's archives;

  • the proper functioning of the Ministry's procurement;

  • the control and presentation of all documents and documents submitted for the signature of the Minister.

All of the central departments of the Ministry and other administrative services mentioned in this decree are placed under the authority of the Secretary General.

In case of departure of the Minister from the Government, the General Secretary ensures the continuity of the administrative action within the Ministry. He informs the incoming Minister of the main actions of his predecessor, whether ongoing or completed.

The General Secretariat includes:

  • the Evaluation and Performance Unit;

  • the Procurement Unit of Public Procurement;

  • The Legal Affairs Unit;

  • The IT Unit;

  • The Gender Unit;

  • the Common Mail Office.