Other Departements

In addition to the DGPPE and the DGC, the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Cooperation also has two other Directions:

  • The General Direction of Administration and Equipment (DAGE) in charge of the general administration and the equipment of the Ministry

  • The Human Resources Department in charge of the Department's HR management

MISSIONS & Organizations


The General Direction of Administration and Equipment (DAGE) is responsible for:

  • the management of equipment, furniture and buildings used for the collective use of the Ministry's central services and fleet;

  • management of the operating and equipment credits of the Headquarters departments and services that do not have their own appropriations;

  • the centralization and study of draft requests for appropriations from the various directions of the Ministry and the presentation of these projects for examination and study at the Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance and Budget;

  • matters relating to the protocol and the organization of international conferences entrusted to the Department;

  • the management of travel documents;

  • monitoring of internal and external security issues of the buildings assigned to the Department;

  • the reception and orientation of users within the Ministry;

  • coordination of the Ministry's representation in commercial and cultural events;

  • monitoring the management of the Ministry's archiving needs.

The DAGE includes

  • the Coordination and Monitoring Division;

  • the Division of Management;

  • the Office of Protocol, the Organization of International Conferences and Travel Document Management;

  • the Office of Security, Reception and Orientation;

  • the Archives Office.

The HR Department

The Human Resources Department (DRH) is responsible for:

  • the management of the staff of the central services and external services of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Cooperation, with the exception of the staff placed at the disposal of the Ministry and who report to other ministries, in particular the military or paramilitary corps and police forces;

  • follow-up, with the Ministry of the Public Service, of the recruitment of the civil staff of the departments and services of the Ministry;

  • the representation of the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Cooperation at the Supreme Council of the Civil Service, as well as in the joint administrative commissions and the professional and socio-professional bodies;

  • medico-social questions concerning the staff of the Ministry;

  • the organization of socio-educational activities for the benefit of agents and their families;

  • the promotion of social security mechanisms for the benefit of staff and their families, including the creation or strengthening of mutual and group insurance schemes;

  • management of technical assistance staff;

  • the training and capacity building policy of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Cooperation, including the preparation and implementation of training and development plans for Ministry staff, through the issuance of advice on the training plans drawn up by the various services, on the candidatures of the Ministry's staff for all study and traineeship programs, as well as on the training funding requests formulated by the staff.

The HR Department includes:

  • the Division of Career Management;

  • the Division of the Provisional Management of Jobs and Skills;

  • the Division of Training and Coaching;

  • the Social Interventions Division;

  • the Administrative and Financial Office.