Private Sector Development Department



The DASP (newly named DDSP) was created in 2007 to consolidate the experience gained by the Ministry in charge of the economy.

The missions of the DASP are   :

  • ensure coordination and harmonization at the level of the Ministry in charge of the economy , of actions and projects of support to the private sector, particularly in terms of capacity building;
  • to develop, in partnership with their representative organizations, an adequate framework to support and support private companies, particularly those in difficulty. As such, it ensures the establishment of a tax, land and customs system that does not create distortions in the business environment;
  • to represent the Ministry in charge of the economy in consultations with the private sector, which it follows up on the conclusions implicating the services of the Department   ;
  • analyze quarterly the performance of the private sector   ;
  • to exploit the periodic results of business demographics   ;
  • to support the development of public-private partnerships and to monitor all projects involving this type of partnership .
  • Specifically in support of the private sector, the DASP   is charged   :

  • provide the coordinating role in the design, formulation, implementation and monitoring of sectoral policies for private sector development   ;
  • facilitate decision-making by public authorities through economic studies and forecasts   ;
  • organize state-private sector consultations and monitor the implementation of the recommendations resulting from the public-private dialogue   ;
  • monitor companies in difficulty through the processing of requests relating to sectoral issues   ;
  • support and support project leaders by providing them with technical, legal, economic and financial information to promote investment   ;
  • provide business leaders with guides and manuals on access to finance, public procurement and the promotion of women's entrepreneurship   ;
  • contribute to the creation of ecosystems favorable to the promotion of the National Private Sector .