Under the authority of the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Cooperation (MEPC), Directorate General for Cooperation, External Financing and Private Sector Development ( DGCFEDSP) has the following missions:

  • preparation and updating of documents defining the framework for cooperation with technical and financial partners;

  • preparing, in conjunction with the Direction of Budget Programming, requests for funding addressed to technical and financial partners;

  • the steering, in relation with the departments concerned, of the preparation and the conduct of the negotiation of loan or grant agreements to be concluded with the technical and financial partners;

  • the management of externally financed investment expenditure, under the conditions provided for in the financing agreements;

  • the keeping of the accounts of the payment of the investment expenses carried out under its attributions;

  • monitoring the mobilization of external financing, in particular by keeping a precise and exhaustive disbursement situation in real time;

  • the preparation of an annual report on the state of development cooperation;

  • the management of financial and accounting audits of externally financed investment projects, the evaluation of results and the follow-up of recommendations;

  • piloting the organization of evaluation missions for projects and programs financed from external resources, coordinating the monitoring of the results of these missions and informing the technical and financial partners concerned;

  • participation in the work of the joint co-operation commissions and the monitoring of their results, in relation with the relevant departments of the State.


The DGCFE includes : 

  • the own Services;

  • the Department of Personnel Administration (DAP);

  • the Department of Cooperation and External Financing;

  • the Department of Financing and Public-Private Partnerships;

  • the Project and Program Performance Evaluation Division;

  • the Strategy and Foresight Department (DSP);

  • the Department of Private Sector Support (DASP).