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  • In the field of planning:

    • He develops prospective reflections and long-term visions;

    • He prepares the planning documents, directs the preparatory studies and ensures its coherence with the territorial plans;

    • He coordinates the development of sectoral policies in relation with the Technical Ministries;

    • He monitors the implementation of the Plan and sectoral policies;

    • He coordinates the development of national development strategies and ensures the implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);

    • He draws up multiannual investment programs;

    • He supports the drafting of territorial planning documents and ensures the monitoring of territorial investment programs and projects of the State.

    • He ensures the establishment and maintenance of a macroeconomic framework that is consistent and conducive to economic growth.

    • He monitors the economic situation.

    • He implements the regional economic, financial and monetary integration policy.

    • He provides strategic intelligence on any matter of national interest related to planning and development.

    • He participates in the preparation, negotiation and monitoring of economic and financial programs with international cooperation institutions, in relation with the Ministry of Finance.

    • He conducts studies and analyzes on demographic trends and its impact on sectoral investment needs, as well as on the issue of the demographic dividend.

    • He coordinates statistical production, ensures its quality and its dissemination.

    • He ensures the coherence and the proper functioning of the national statistical system. To this end, he is responsible for the supervision of the National Agency for Statistics and Demography.