Private Public Partnership

economieDirectorate of Finance and Public-Private Partnerships (DFPPP)

The Directorate of Finance and Public-Private Partnerships (DFPPP) is the main operational arm of the Ministry in terms of PPP. As such, the DFPPP participates in the development of state policy, guidelines, instructions and dissemination of best practices on the financing, design, implementation, management of PPP projects. It advises and assists the departments of Ministries, local authorities, national companies, public limited companies with majority public participation, agencies, public institutions and the like in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of their PPP-type contracts.

National Committee for Support to Public-Private Partnerships (CNAPPP)

The National Committee for Support to Public-Private Partnerships (CNAPPP) is a structure created by Law No. 2014-09 of February 20, 2014, on partnership contracts and attached to the MEPC. Its missions are:

validate screening assessments of PPP projects;
provide support to public sector entities in the preparation, negotiation and monitoring of PPPs;
to popularize and promote PPPs.
The CNAPPP receives the following awards, including:

proceed or have the technical, economic and financial counter-expertise of the unsolicited offers submitted;
give a preliminary opinion on the procedures for awarding public-private partnerships by call for tenders, direct agreement, complementary contract;
advise on the procedures for issuing endorsements and the procedures for direct negotiation, as part of the processing of unsolicited offers;
organize ex-post and mid-term evaluations of public-private partnership projects as provided for in Article 38 of Law No. 2014-09;
provide the contracting authorities with the technical and legal support necessary for the identification, formulation, implementation, negotiation and monitoring of partnership contracts.

The requested budgetary resources should allow the financing of the following activities, part of an ambitious project "improvement of the strategic management framework and operational management of public-private partnerships":

the signature of client markets with financial consulting firms, legal advice or technical expertise;
the organization of extension tours of the new legal system through sensitization workshops aimed at the competent administrations and local authorities;
the preparation and dissemination of manuals and project evaluation guides for contracting authorities' project managers;
the preparation and distribution to the administrations of standard documents (standard template for tender documents, standard contract template);
the establishment of PPP cells within Ministries and the endowment of these cells with resources and human resources;
conducting studies for the codification of the PPP project cycle;
institutional support to the Infrastructure Council;
institutional support to the Ministry of Finance, particularly for the development of a budget sustainability analysis methodology for the Public Debt Department;
the financing of consultant missions;